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 Where Your Dreams Become Reality...


Dream Publishers

Where Your Dreams Become Reality...

Working to publish and promote products and services that will help you achieve your dreams, and turn them into Reality!  Watch this space over the next few months and years as we add new Metaphysical content and we work to help you reach your goals - regardless of how lofty they might be!

I will be adding exciting new content here regarding Metaphysics, Healing, Inner Journey, Relationships and Entrepreneur insights as you and I will gain new insight into the workings of the seed of creation - present in all of us.

Dreams Into Reality?

It's an ancient elixir - the quicksilver of the mind - the Secret of the Soul - which fortunately we all have within us.  What is it exactly?  It's the ability to turn your dreams, wishes and desires into real things (objects, relationships, spiritual concepts, your desires) into Real (physical, touchable objects). 

It can be accomplished by everyone - the seed is within us all, and it never leaves us throughout our life, even though there may be times when it seems like you can't make it, or you don't see how you'll ever get there.  It's always there with you.  The seed of conscious creation and amazing awareness are possible for all.  I'm going to show you how it can happen - through the pages of this website - so please join me on a journey to your soul and your destiny as we explore our dream universe together!

The journey begins now - July 1st, 2008 - I'm committing myself to a new pledge of sharing with you.  Whether you known me from The Dreamtime - or some other website venture, know that I will be bringing all of these concepts together as I create a new and unique pathway - from dreams to reality.

You and I will gain new insight into the workings of the seed of creation - present in all of us

What is this all about?  A journey in nine sections through the seed of creation in all of us - toward a new, novel, powerful vision of the world.  Follow along through each step of the journey as I add more information for you below - and most of all: Enjoy The Ride!

Here's a brief description of each one:

Physical Being - The physical being and the body.

Mental Body - The mental body.

Emotions - Emotions and their connection to our physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Spiritual - The spiritual connection.

Healing and Health - Healing with all of the bodies..

Relationships and Emotions - the interplay that creates lasting life moments.

Freedom and Independence - exploring breaking free from everyday reality.

Joy and Love - The most incredible powers on the planet and how to harness them.

Ethereic Connections - The one thing connecting us all, and how to tap into it.  Abundance lies here.

Watch this space - click on the tabs above and keep your eyes peeled for new and exciting information to be added.  Learn from your dreams, and find fulfillment, peace, joy, love and contentment.




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